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Title: Earthquakes in the Iberian Peninsula
Post by: nick on December 13, 2007, 23:33 PM
I'm completely addicted to this earthquake map I've linked/nabbed from the Instituto Geográfico Nacional. Seems to update every few hours.
It's a bit like one of those weather maps

Title: Re: Earthquakes in the Iberian Peninsula
Post by: John C on December 13, 2007, 23:58 PM
I've always wondered what it'd be like to experience an earthquake.  Unfortunately when we had an earthquake here in Canterbury this year (yes really!) I was downstairs in the kitchen (which has a concrete floor) and felt nothing.  Liz, however, was in our loft bedroom and really felt the place shake.  I gather the incidence of eartquakes in the UK is a lot higher than most people think.

As the topic is the Iberian peninsular, then the earthquake in Lisbon in 1755 ought to be mentioned. According to a book I have on the city shock waves were felt throughout Portugal and as far away as Italy.  In Lisbon alone 15,000 people died (although I'm not sure whether this was a result of the quake itself or the fires that followed).  I'm sure there must be plenty of details on the web about it if anyone wants to look.  Accounts of the quake also had an enormous imapct throughout Europe as people debated whether in was divine wrath or a natural phenomenom.  I guess this debate reflected the transition from the older deist based views of the medieaval period and the more rational approach of the enlightenment.  It also gave us Voltaire's 'Candide'!

Title: Re: Earthquakes in the Iberian Peninsula
Post by: nick on December 14, 2007, 09:56 AM
I wrote this last year on the 1755 quake


Social and philosophical implications of 1755 quake

Title: Re: Earthquakes in the Iberian Peninsula
Post by: John C on December 14, 2007, 10:32 AM
Thanks, Nick, I hadn't picked up that it was something you'd already touched upon.  Thanks too for the link,
Title: Re: Earthquakes in the Iberian Peninsula
Post by: Spanish Footsteps on December 14, 2007, 15:01 PM
Interesting subject Nick

This subject got me running through my archive of newspaper clippings and I found this:

13 Aug 2007 Soria registered 2 on RS at 947am.  The epicenter was in Ciudad Real which registered 5.1 o RS.  Apparently there are 800 registry points around Spain, as soon as a shock is registered an email is sent to the Centro Geografico National.  That day 17 emails were sent from as far down as Murcia and across to Aragon. 

Yes John I heard about some shocks in England which are very unusual.  When I left England in 1989 to embark on my RTW trip, my first port of call was California, of course I happened to be in Santa Cruz (South of San Francisco), October was the month.  Magnitude 8 on the RS, although I have heard of various other reports of the magnitude later (7.1).  I remember the very next day people were seling tshirts on the streets with 'I survived the Great Quake - 8.0'.  Another thing I will remember is the swimming pool that I had swam in only a few hours before, had split open and the water had gone.  The streets were filled with the deafening sound of  car alarms.  The Red Cross were quick to help people, which was good to see.  Of course as a tourist we didt get to go to Alcatraz etc as all attractions were shut until they had been checked for safety.  I guess thats standard practice.  One time is enough though.

Alfredo  :speechless:
Title: Re: Earthquakes in the Iberian Peninsula
Post by: tonyninfas on December 18, 2007, 10:50 AM
HI John C

Nice to see another member from Kent.  We are from Hythe.

My son was right at the centre of the quake when it struck Folkestone earlier this year.  He didnt suffer too much but acquaintances from the other side of the road lost their chimney and got serious cracks in the structure of the house.

Title: Re: Earthquakes in the Iberian Peninsula
Post by: Clive on December 18, 2007, 11:21 AM
Hi all

The typically Spanish website has a few articles on some recent earthquakes in Iberia


Back in August ago whilst out on a drive we noticed a lot of small rocks scattered along a mountain road over a distance of 15 odd KM. Too many to be knocked down by Ibex so we figured it was a small earth tremor to blame..
May have been this one