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Title: NEW MEMBERS Please read before posting!
Post by: Clive on May 18, 2008, 23:49 PM
Hi all,

The iberianature forum is getting big. It is full of identifications, nature notes, studies and general information about the nature, geography and history of Iberia....

Topics may already exist so please use the search facility first to check to see if the subject you are going to post about is already there.

If the subject doesn't exist then please remember to title the post properly. Titles such as "What is this" or "Please help" make the search system fail. It is much better to use a title like "Insect like a fly that bites like a mosquito" or "large Snake with zig zag pattern on back"

If (and when) your plant or animal gets identified then please edit your initial post title to say "SOLVED..." and put the common names and scientific names in there as well like this.

"Is this a wasp? SOLVED Bee fly...Thyridanthrax perspicillaris"

You may also like to read the rules of the forum at

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PLEASE: No business names as your forum name. Place your business link in your profile signature.