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Title: Adding Photo To Post A Problem?
Post by: Sue on September 06, 2009, 18:23 PM
Hi to All Newcomers,

Welcome to the  :sign:  Forum

One of the most asked questions at this early stage of membership is 'why can't I add an image to my post ?'
The simple reason is that to protect our members from spam and unpleasant images there is a 3 posts rule before you can add an image.

There is more information on the rules etc @ RULES!... NEW MEMBERS PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING! (http://www.iberianatureforum.com/index.php/topic,389.0.html)
and here also...
NEW MEMBERS Please read before posting! (http://www.iberianatureforum.com/index.php/topic,1543.0.html)

Enjoy the site!