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Title: iberianatureforum's wine list
Post by: Technopat on March 29, 2010, 21:58 PM
Greetings All,
Thought that there might be a couple of us here who might appreciate an online list of recommendations in the way of wines we've tried recently.

An excellent wine I've just had is a wine from Toro, called Prima. It's a surprisingly cheap wine "designed" by the enologist of the Vega Sicilia. Great!

Title: Re: iberianatureforum's wine list
Post by: lisa on March 29, 2010, 23:28 PM
Good idea but that particular wine's off (http://blog.elrincondeltrotamundos.com/?p=175) Patrick  >:(
Title: Re: iberianatureforum's wine list
Post by: Clive on March 29, 2010, 23:30 PM

Apart from the staple diet of Viña Albali (reserva 2009), Sangre de Toro and pretty much any Valdepeñas.. (prices from 3 to 9 euros a bottle)... :) I am a Rioja /tempranillo kind of guy.....

Latest "find".....Viña Lucia... recycled the bottle but did find this after googlin.......

The wine was bought for the inaugeration of paintings by Lucia Peinado at a place I now seem to be spending far to much time at...


Nothing to do with wine of course, apart from the fact that a lot of it got drunk during the opening day!...:)

Title: Re: iberianatureforum's wine list
Post by: Technopat on April 15, 2010, 00:19 AM
Greetings All,
Lisa, Yer Man's clean. He left in '97 to set up his own shop, so he's probably out of the deal - unless he's a socio capitalista (En. anyone?)*:
 Carrión interview with Mariano García (http://www.carrionglobal.com/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=665)

Clive, las malas lenguas (En. anyone?) say that not a little Rioja is actually from Valdepeñas, so that might explain it in part.

*I dread to think what Dave's Collins will come up wiv for that one :technodevil:

I-used-to-be-a-Rioja-only-snob-until-it-was-pointed-out-to-me,-politely-but-firmly-that-Spain-has-some-7,000-bodegas,-which-at-2-or-3-labels-min-per-b.-equals-one-helluva-lot-o'-wines-to-try regs.,
Title: Re: iberianatureforum's wine list
Post by: Jean on April 15, 2010, 18:39 PM
Just found this new section on wines...something I'm fond of at times.

Personally I like (and my visitors) Mercadona's blue top Rioja, Comportillo, and Cosecha grape...at 1.75 euros a bottle it's great...especially if you buy a few and lay them down for a while.

Jean :technodevil:
Title: Re: iberianatureforum's wine list
Post by: Spanish Footsteps on April 18, 2010, 20:18 PM
New Years Eve we discovered a fantastic wine called Coto de Imaz, Reserva 2004 from Rioja.  We purchased it from Mercadona in Murcia, and they also have it in Mercadona in Soria, so I guess they have it all over Spain.  It is 7.80 euros a bottle.

We have only bought a few bottles for special occasions as we are lucky enough to have a man in his white van, who comes down from La Rioja every month selling cases of La Rioja crianza, for 1.85 euros a bottle in our village, and its great wine.  It would usually cost double that in the shops.

Got to love the white van deliveries.   :speechless:
Title: Re: iberianatureforum's wine list
Post by: Petrea on May 03, 2010, 19:29 PM
Many thanks to Jean for suggesting the blue top rioja! Since I usually do not like rioja, I suspect that it may not appeal to devoted Rioja lovers!  :technodevil: (meaning I did like this!).

Now we are at the cheap end of the list: the rosada Peñascal is great on the terrace on a hot (summer) evening! A bit sparkling, similar to the Portuguese Mattheus, only better. Big belly bottle. Eroski, mercadona...... ca 3 €.  :dancing:

Title: Re: iberianatureforum's wine list
Post by: Alastair on September 01, 2010, 15:18 PM
I enjoy spending time hunting out small bodegas and buying directly. From recent forays I can recommend Vinya l'Hereu from Sero near Artesa de Segre -a very small set up, wholly organic and with rather unusually characterful wines. No idea where else you can buy it except at the door. Also recently in Somontano at Adahuesca I found Alodia who are producing from old indigenous grape varieties such as Moristel: it might not be to everyone's taste and it wasn't initially to mine but it grows on you. Not only do you find good wines doing this but you meet lovely interesting people too
Title: Re: iberianatureforum's wine list
Post by: Simon on November 10, 2010, 16:36 PM
Hi Alastair, et al,

Well done in your quest for interesting and lesser known wines - well worth the effort, especially in Catalonia and Aragon. Following somewhat in your footsteps in the Costers de Segre D.O., we recently went to visit the  Castel d'Encus (http://www.encus.org/en/index.php) bodega, just a few kilomtres from our house (http://www.casarafela.com) and close to you by the sound of it. By pure chance we were shown around by the owner, Raül Bobet - who is also CEO of Torres Wines (http://www.torres.es/)  - Wow*!

The wines themselves have a much bigger wow factor however - I'll leave it to our resident enologist, aka Technopat, for a review from the Reisling that I gave him last month - but in the meantime simply check them out on Google, keywords 'Castell d'Encus' will do, for the ultimate accolades!

In fact you won't find the home page in the first dozen or so pages of Google, such is the number of rave reviews! However, you can visit the winery on Saturdays from 10.00 to 14.00. Don't be put off by the 'touchy-feely' nature of the publicity - all is totally genuine (see below) - and note that the wines cost just €15 a bottle on site, if there are any left!



* Much more importantly than his elevated status, however, is that Raül is a really lovely guy, totally genuine and into what he is doing at Encus - I must admit I was a bit sceptical about all the ecology/philosophy stuff in their leaflet until I met the man himself. As well as being 'organic' I was impressed with their carbon saving strategies, having an impressive cooling system for the bodega that uses an array of underground water pipes linked to heat exchangers to maintain the tempertaure of the fermentation and storage areas at optimal levels with totally renewable energy use - well almost, there's a certain amount of pumping, but even the vendimia minimises enery use, using gravity for as many processes as possible.
Title: Re: iberianatureforum's wine list
Post by: Alastair on November 21, 2010, 15:55 PM
Thanks very much: I took your advice and visited Castell d'Encus yesterday (yes, I am close by in the Vall de Barcedana);  I too met Raoul Bobet and like you was most impressed. The reisling has all gone and we were given the new vintage, still fermenting, to taste. In addition he offered their Cabernet Sauvignon/Petit Verdot blend which was superb. Another suggestion: I am very keen on the red wines from Verdu where the toy museum is, near Tarrega. The only place I have found that you can buy them is at the shop in the museum (!) although some restaurants have it. You do not seem to be able to visit the cellars. Going in that direction, Mas Foraster at Montblanc is worth a visit and you can buy at the cellar door. Run by a delightful family.
Title: Re: iberianatureforum's wine list
Post by: Simon on November 22, 2010, 16:36 PM
Hi Alastair,

Nice to know you - you're very lucky to live in the Val de Barcedana, a really lovely place. We often walk up to the Castel de San Gervàs, or I ride my motorbike on over to Vilanova de Meia and along under the southern flank of the Serra de Montsec to Fontllonga. Have you walked up to the summit ridge of the Montsec yet? - fabulous views: take the GR route from Hostal Roig and turn off to the peak of Miralpallars - as the name suggests you can see all from there!

Back to the wines, we also bought a half case of Taleia, made from Sauvignan blanc and Semillon. I've now decided that it's even more interesting than the Reisling - so get back there while there's still some of anything left in stock! - You were lucky to visit as I've now discovered that these visits are by arrangement (tel.  973 252974)

The wines from Verdù sound interesting. I cross the Pla d'Urgell often, as we live in Tarragona most of the time, and know the region well. What D.O. would that be in, if any? If you carry on over to the Conca de Barbera you'll find an interesting wine museum at Vimbodí - not much of a plave otherwise but a great base to begin exploring the Serra de Prades, then it's tempting to carry on over the Serra de Montsant - incidentally another great D.O. and a fraction of the price of nearby Priorat, but we  were talking about the Pyrenees weren't we! . . .  :angel:

Cheers, and see you some time perhaps.

Title: Re: iberianatureforum's wine list
Post by: Alastair on November 22, 2010, 22:59 PM
Hi Simon,

Yes, I have done the walk you describe but never yet descended over the Portella Blanca to the deserted village of Rubies, although I have driven there from the Pas Nou. That track might be worth doing on your motorbike. I have also climbed the path of '100 curves' twice to San Salvador del Bosc - once at the Aplec at the end of September. Absolutely fantastic!

Verdu is still surprisingly in the Costers del Segre.... and thanks for the suggestion about the museum at Vimbodi - all I knew of the place was as the home of the gassy drinks (Flor de Vimbodi, as advertised!).

Yes, you are right - others should note that the visit to Castell d'Encus is by appointment. I smooth-talked my way on to a group of very serious enthusiasts who took notes all the time while Raoul wrote chemical formulae on his board, some of it rather above my head. Oh dear!

Title: Re: iberianatureforum's wine list
Post by: Simon on December 01, 2010, 13:08 PM
Hi Alastair, et al,

I'll have to explore these walks/trails at leisure - once the snow melts! - meanwhile I've begun a seperate topic, "Exploring the Serra del Montsec" (http://www.iberianatureforum.com/index.php/topic,3299.msg25479.html#msg25479?PHPSESSID=51b93f37cb59e14ffbfbbc866b4b0e74) to discuss this before the Powers-that-be-and-must-be obeyed  8) chop our heads off!

Meanwhile, back to wine. We've also been very impressed by white wines from the Rias Baixas (http://doriasbaixas.com/public/manager.php) in Galicia, where we went on holiday this summer - finally getting away from the torrid heat of July after years of yearning. One that I was impressed with is Santiago Ruiz (http://www.riasbaixaswines.com/wineries/winery13.php), although I don't know where you could get a taste around here!

More soon

Title: Re: iberianatureforum's wine list
Post by: Manzanilla on December 11, 2010, 19:52 PM
Has anyone tried the white wines that the Cadiz sherry bodegas are producing these days?

For example Antonio Barbadillo from Sanlucar de la Barameda: http://www.vinogusto.com/es/sitio/10539/bodega-bodegas-barbadillo-s.l.
Or Osborne's "Gadir"? 

For around €3,50 a bottle they are very good value, pleasantly dry but quite fruity.  (Sorry I don't know the wine-buff's terminology for "very drinkable with gambas a la plancha on a hot day")!
Title: Re: iberianatureforum's wine list
Post by: Jesus Contreras on December 11, 2010, 22:50 PM
Does anyone want really to taste new flavours with old varieties?

Prove this: http://www.labodegadealboloduy.com

If anyone wants to come here for a visit, it will be a pleasure for Paco Calvache (the owner of the fincas and bodega, and also my personal friend) and for me to show you the area, the bodega and taste the exquisite wines of Almería, made with ancestral grapes as "blanco Jaén" (only grown here)  at the eastern hills of Sierra Nevada. A fantastic place between High mountains and deserts.



Birds & Grapes  :)
Title: Re: iberianatureforum's wine list
Post by: Simon on December 13, 2010, 17:29 PM
Hi Jesús and Manzanilla,

Thanks for these recommendations. I hope to be touring the far south next year, in spring or at the end if summer, so I'll definitely put these bodegas on my itinerary - but I'll be travelling by motorbike, so the tasting will be strictly professional, with much use of the spitoon*  :banghead:



* escupidera
Title: Re: iberianatureforum's wine list
Post by: Technopat on December 13, 2010, 22:20 PM
Greetings All,
At the risk of incurring the wrath (Sp. anyone?) of Lisa, Jesús, are you aware of the implications of your great
Birds & Grapes
?  :clapping: and  :dancing: and, I suppose,  :technodevil:

Political correctness aside, thanx for those recommendations, Jesús.

Oh, and Simon, if you need anyone to "ir de paquete" (En. anyone?) and do all the wine-tasting while you enjoy the windy bits of your itinerary, you know who your man is  :dancing:

So, where were we (Sp. anyone?) - ah, yes. The Barbadillo from Cádiz. This used to be my fav. white wine many, many years ago when it was only known to locals. But sometime around the late 80s, early 90s, they started mass-producing it and selling it all over the country and the result was disastrous. Trying to impress a client with my knowledge of Sp. wines, I ordered it - against her misgivings - and it was awful :banghead: I take it by Manzanilla's
"very drinkable with gambas a la plancha on a hot day")!
that either it has improved somewhat or that, for the occasion, it is the equivalent of what is required for the best sangría - common or garden table wine.

Let's-keep-this-thread-going regs.,
Title: Re: iberianatureforum's wine list
Post by: Manzanilla on December 14, 2010, 13:14 PM
Technopat, re the Barbadillo - I'm not claiming it's a special occasion wine.  But as common-or-garden table wines go (€3.50 a bottle), it tastes fine to me.  Certainly better than the nasty semi-dulce stuff you normally get in Andalucia when you ask for vino blanco. 

Title: Re: iberianatureforum's wine list
Post by: Petrea on December 16, 2010, 08:52 AM
So, I´m not the only one who finds the Barbadillo overestimated (and overprized!)!  :)

Now it´s on time I promote our local wines:

The dry moscatel made by Bodega Almijara (Jarel) is excellent!  :clapping:  :clapping:  :clapping:
5.3 euro in the bodega, up to 7 in the shops!


When we first came here, we had trouble finding a good white wine (so we made do with the above mentioned Peñasacl rosé). The first of the local dry wines we tried tasted like diluted sherry!  :P  Fortunately, we later gave the Jarel a chance!  :clapping: :clapping:

There is another interesting bodega here (well, in Sayalonga):


However, their wines are very expensive. According to my taste, the dry white is not any better than Jarel´s. The most interesting of their wines is the sweet red wine! It is a new bodega, and they are trying to develop new products.


Title: Re: iberianatureforum's wine list
Post by: Simon on December 16, 2010, 17:42 PM
Very well, Professor Technopat - choose your mount!