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Title: Coal mining in Spain
Post by: nick on May 13, 2007, 12:51 PM
20 years ago there were 45,000 miners in Spain. By 2012 they will be just 5,000
Interesting article in today's El Pais

Title: Re: Coal mining in Spain
Post by: Dave on May 13, 2007, 18:19 PM
hi nick
Yes an interesting article, my Suegro was a miner and later owned a mine in Torre del Bierzo, before selling out to the equivalent of the NCB, we still have his lamp and helmet as well as the siren from the mine. I will try to find out a bit more from my cuneado about what life was like for his father and any stories that he may have about life for a miners family. I remember a couple of years ago 5 or 6 miners were trapped at La Silva mine near Torre del Bierzo, the strain on the faces of everyone, showing for days before they were successfully rescued.
Title: Re: Coal mining in Spain
Post by: Technopat on May 13, 2007, 19:08 PM
Greetings Nick and Dave,
Thanx for that - certainly an interesting topic for an iberianature forum, as indeed any other kind of mining-related topics (la Ruta de Plata, etc.).
Title: Re: Coal mining in Spain
Post by: nick on May 13, 2007, 19:30 PM
I'd be very interested Dave

Title: Re: Coal mining in Spain
Post by: SueMac on May 14, 2007, 08:38 AM
Dear Nick
I had some difficulty with reading the article but got most of the points and in many ways it was like reading about around Blaenau when I was researching my grandfather's and grandmother's life in the vallies of Wales. The pictures in the article closely resembled photos from the 20s and 30s.I had meant to visit the Big Pit  before leaving UK . It would be important for Spain to do something similar as the industry changes.
Title: Re: Coal mining in Spain
Post by: lisa on May 20, 2007, 15:26 PM
I've been thinking of this article about an illegal open-cast mine in Leon since Nick started the topid but couldn't remember where I seen it then stumbled across it today.

http://www.portaldelmedioambiente.com/html/gestor_noticias/vernoticia.asp?id=6972 (http://www.portaldelmedioambiente.com/html/gestor_noticias/vernoticia.asp?id=6972)

La mina a cielo abierto del Feixolín, una enorme explotación de carbón en la reserva de la biosfera de Laciana (en León), tiene que cerrar "de forma efectiva e inmediata". Así lo ha dictado el Juzgado de lo Contencioso número 2 de León en un auto pionero. El juez estima que la mina, que funciona sin licencia ambiental ni urbanística desde hace 12 años en un terreno protegido, no puede funcionar ni un día más y autoriza al Ayuntamiento a enviar a la Guardia Civil para hacer cumplir la orden.

Update here; http://es.noticias.yahoo.com/ep/20070507/tlc-los-mineros-despedidos-de-el-feixoln-44dc790.html (http://es.noticias.yahoo.com/ep/20070507/tlc-los-mineros-despedidos-de-el-feixoln-44dc790.html)