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Title: Transhumance
Post by: lisa on July 17, 2007, 23:01 PM
The World Gathering of Nomads and Transhumant Herders (http://www.pastos.org/) is meeting in Segovia this September, 8th - 16th.
Projects leading up to the meeting include apprenticeship shepherd courses including one in the Picos de Europa  (http://www.fapas.es/notifapas/2007/20070713_pastores.htm) on which they've managed to drum up the interest of three participants  (and one of those is from the other side  of the Pyrenees.)
Good to see there is encouragement to keep up these ancient practices though.
There's a lovely quote from an old shepherd after meeting his apprentice, “Va a ser como un hijo mío, donde yo vaya, vendrá él”.
(Shame there's no quote from Nadine's future tutor 8))

Am now going to brave the trials of the calender  :banghead:
Title: Re: Transhumance
Post by: Clive on July 17, 2007, 23:33 PM
go on Lisa you can do it.........

Just click on post event then choose a title the date how long it goes on for and select what board you want it to go into

I would suggest you post the same as this post above then come back and delete this one when the new calender linked one is here

Title: Re: Transhumance
Post by: lisa on July 19, 2007, 15:47 PM
For all you Andalucian residents, the organisers of this event are looking for volunteers to help in the construction of a nomadic camp, pick up and accompany participants (@ 300), etc. Any English-speaking drivers will be particularly welcome  :lighttbulb: You'll get full use of the facilities, including the swimming pool  ;D
Any lodging and transport costs will be reimbursed.

Sue, Clive, ValL, and others - I wish I could join you  :biggrin:

"Necesitamos VOLUNTARIOS para participar en el Encuentro….
El Encuentro se realizará en las instalaciones de la Granja Escuela del Robledo (La
Granja de San Ildefonso) en plena naturaleza y donde se tratará de recrear un
ambiente similar a los campamentos nómadas.
Necesitamos VOLUNTARIOS para ayudar a montar el campamento nómada, recoger y
acompañar a los participantes nómadas, logística, desplazamientos a ruedas de
prensa, etc. y en general ayudar en todas las tareas de apoyo para la buena marcha
del mismo. Aquellas personas interesadas en colaborar deberán estar disponibles al
menos 5 días antes de su comienzo. Se valorará hablar inglés o francés y tener carné
de conducir.
Los costes de transporte, alojamiento y manutención correrán de parte de la
organización y se podrá disponer de toda las instalaciones de la Granja Escuela, incluso
la piscina!
INTERESADOS/AS dirigirse a secretaria@nomadassegovia2007.org,
o al tf 921 445 480 facilitando:
-Nombre, Mail, teléfonos, Lugar de residencia, Idiomas, Carnet de conducir y días