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Asteroid - Mega Fauna Extinction - Younger Dryas

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« on: December 30, 2007, 03:03 AM »
Dear all,

I've just read about a new theory about what may have caused the Youger Dryas. This a very cold snap that lasted about 1000yr and happened right at the end of the Ice Age starting at 12,9000. It also coincides with New World Mega Fauna Extinction and also in part with Old World Mega Fauna Extinction.

A San Diego University say they have found evdience of one or a series of asteroids that hit North America at this time.....sites demonstrating  layers containing nanodiamonds, carbon and iridium .....at a number of N American sites and one in Belgium.

They are suggesting  Pliestocene Mega Fauna Extinction may have be caused by and asteroid or asteroids......lowering global temperatures and causing other global climate changes, aswell as causing huge fires on a regional scale.

Similar evidence of asteroid impact as you may know is found globally, where the sediments ot Jurassic  and Triassic meet ( known as the KT boundary). This the one that did in the dinosaurs and landed on the Yucatan
Peninsular......but was much larger!