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The Lobo Park in Antequerra

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« on: March 14, 2008, 18:12 PM »
A must visit is to the Wolf Park in Antequerra, what a fantastic place, it was clear that they were not trying to domesticate the wolves but give them a near as can be existence in a semi - natural exceptional enviorment. I saw the wolves at very close range being fed 'tapas'  and the ferocity of the pack.  Our guide Denise was excellent.  She explained how they are trying to socialise the wolves, not domesticate them and how Daniel -- the wolf man -- puts himself in danger every day by walking into any of the enclosures knowing there is a pack of 4 or more wolves inside. They also have an Adopt a Wolf Program it is a most informative day out.

I will visit again.....

Pauline in Salobrena.