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« on: March 05, 2008, 08:35 AM »
Following last Saturday's march in Madrid of hunters protesting against the new laws controlling hunting in Spain, Ecologistas en Acción have started a register of non hunters based on the fact that everyone has the right to enjoy the countryside.
Personally, I wouldn't like to see a ban on hunting as this would only drive it underground. I think stricter controls should be enforced and future generations will see the practice die its own (O.K. slow) death. Can anyone tell me why hunters are so anti the banning of lead? Is there no other, less damaging ( :speechless:) material available for bullets? I read the coverage of the march in Sat's El País and the comments flooding in were overwhelmingly against hunting.

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« Reply #1 on: March 05, 2008, 09:25 AM »
Hi Lisa, I think that ecologistas could concentrate their considerable energy on something that they might have a chance of winning... Like altering gun and shooting laws and amounts of fines and punishments...

A total ban on hunting would be a complete disaster and I think that sometimes organisations get a bit carried away with their beliefs which cause those old freedom of action and liberty arguments often making the initial arguments even more aggressive than they were at first.

There needs to be better policing of furtive and illegal hunting and development of cinegetico areas (breeding for hunting) Also better control on what gets shot and when...

I have this years hunting dates for caza mayor and menor and I'll get around to posting them up soon.. It seems that there have been some changes in the right direction but still along way to go...

Certainly in our local villages hunting seems to be some kind of game and pot shots at anything are acceptable... Most of the members of one village shooting club nearby all got arrested for poaching... They saw no wrong as they were just acting "como siempre..". Of course since yesteryear there has been the implementation of a natural park across their hunting grounds and different rules apply... The days of turning a blind eye are over...

The head honcho of one club lost his licence to own a gun because he had forgotten to renew it the year before and got whacked with a fine and a ban... Quite a few zorzals got saved because of that as he used to boast of having 50 odd in his freezer by the end of March...

So I guess I won't be signing this one but if a petition comes up that calls for better protection of game species and stricter hunting times plus harsher penalties for offences I would sign that one...

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« Reply #2 on: March 13, 2008, 01:00 AM »
Greetings Lisa, Clive and All,
Thanks for posting the link to the register. I understand what you both mean when you state that banning hunting outright would only drive it underground, but the reality is that it is already very much underground (see my previous posting) and hunters can't really complain that there aren't enough days or lands set aside for them. The more folks speak out against it - and encourage Seprona to act - the easier it will be for new generations to consider photo safaris as an alternative way of having a nice day out in the country. I know of a couple of cases of people who've given up hunting 'cos of pressure from their kids.

In answer to Lisa's question re. why hunters are against the new stainless steel pellets: they'll destroy the shotgun barrels (made of iron) and the hunters will have to fork out and buy new guns (made of steel? or some sort of alloy). My hunter-portero says it's all a scam set up by the ecologistas (surprise, surprise!), hand-in-hand with foreign shotgun-makers to flood the market with new cartridges, shotguns, etc. and to encourage a new generation of slick-city-based hunters at the expense of the poor local guys from the villages.

On the other hand, I'm pretty sure sure I read some 20 years ago that they were talking about using plastic pellets - perfectly effective at the range most hunters are accustomed to potting their sitting targets at. Could this be yet another figment of Technopat's imagination, or has anyone else come across that one?
I don't thing the banning of lead affects rifles (steel barrels) - only shotguns. But not sure on this point.


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