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Slow Worm

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« on: May 02, 2008, 12:51 PM »
Hi Everyone
For only the second time in my life I saw a Slow worm (Esp: Lucion) (Latin: Anguis fragilis) , yesterday at Montealegre it was around 18 inches long and Olive green, I disturbed it while cutting a border on a lawn (rough grass not well manicured) it fell down the wall and lay for some minutes with its tail clearly visible, on reflection i should have climbed down and captured it for a closer examination, by the time I decided to explore further it had slipped away. The old wall surrounding the grass was full of Iberian Wall Lizards, in various shades and sizes, so a good day for reptiles. The bird front fairly quiet with Green woodpecker, Kestrel and Swallows among others, although I did spot a Stonechat on a post on the way back to Leon.
highlight of the day was the Barbecue, with stunning views.