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Trip to Sierra de la Culebra

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Hi all,

just wanting to bumb this post:

Thanks both.

Where in Iberia do wolves exist because of nature park status?

I realise that giving an area Natural or National Park status is no guarantee (is that right? I can never spell that word  >:() of protection for the animals living in it and would just attract even more visitors. It's just that there is talk about it.
So, visitors are being controlled to an extent. I didn't know that.
Nick, do you think it needs more control? Have you seen a significant increase in tourism there during your visits?

Sierra Morena (i.e. Sierra de Andujar) in Andalusia has wolves, although I've been told the population is very small and vulnerable. The area has the status of Natural Park, the wolf even symbolises the 'grandeur' of the Park as it is shown on some entrance signs next to the Iberian Lynx. Maybe the Park status has been very helpful to preserve the wolf in this area? No wolf tourism in this area though, the Lynx is the top player  8)

I just remembered I've scanned an article out of the Spanish magazine 'Natura' (2008 issue) for a friend a while ago with the title "Los ultimos lobos de Andalucia". I still have the scan and can post it here.., but I don't know if this would be a violation of copyright??? I think the article is very interesting (?) but my Spanish is not that good (very bad actually) so if posting it on this forum is possible, I will have to ask someone kindly to translate it for me. Nick ??? Edit Nov. 9th 2010: still no idea (no answer from Clive... :roxysnail:) so posted a link below

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