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Greener telecoms

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« on: March 28, 2009, 12:25 PM »
Greetings All,
Nothing like la pela es la pela (En. anyone?) to make Big Business take an interest in things. >:D We have all known for years that ecology and economy are sister disciplines, but BB has been notoriously lethargic in doing its duty. Recent marketing gimmicks like CSR were not really interested in or aimed at energy-saving actions either. But with the serious hike in energy prices over the last few years, they at least seem to be doing summat.  :o

Catching up with me backlog of reading, according to a December 2008 issue of The Economist, telecoms networks and devices curently account for nearly 1% of global greenhouse-gas emission. The Smart 2020 report published by the Gloabl e-Sustainability Initiative and the Climate Group forecasts this will “double between 2002 and 2020”.

Vodafone reckons that “its network accounts for 80% of its carbon footprint.” The remainder is attributed to its offices, shops and vehicles. And ¾ of that 80% is associated with powerining its base stations.

Ericsson and Nokia Siemens have now installed “hundreds of base stations powered by solar panels, wind turbines or biofuels.”

Other soundbites include:

“Nokia, the biggest handset-maker, has been looking at making mobile phones entirely from recycled materials such as plastics form drinks bottles and old tyres.”

Sony Ericcson announced, among other measures, “online rather than paper-based user manuals.

Fixed-line operators such as BT, meanwhile, has set a goal of reducing its emissions by 80% by 2020 by saving electricity and using low-carbon sources such as wind.

Every-little-bit-'elps regs.,

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