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« on: April 30, 2007, 21:30 PM »
Hello everyone,
Unlike most of you out in the wilds, I’ve always lived in cities – hail Technopat, fellow city dweller!  I like watching the way nature finds a niche in an urban environment, and find it amazing that the majority of citizens seem completely oblivious to this other dimension in their lives.  Eg.  It’s quite common to find people who refuse to believe there are bats in Barcelona, although they are everywhere to be seen!

Apart from nature, my other obsession is cycling – although I nearly got it out of my system after spending a year up to my ears in dusty old newspapers co-writing a history of the Vuelta Ciclista a España – suitable reading for extreme road-racing buffs only.

I like this forum because it brings together people from different corners of Spain with different lifestyles, but we have a lot in common – such as fear and loathing of the quad plague.  I haven’t had garroting fantasies, as such, but other ones involving big rocks and logs.