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Gazpacho - give me more...!

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« Reply #20 on: December 16, 2010, 18:02 PM »
Evenin' all - and aint it a parky one, genuine Brass Monkey weather (Sp. anyone!)

I have a feeling that 'genuine' gazpacho shouldn't have any tomatoes at all, as I feel morally certain that it was in common use pre 1492!

As I don't have my well thumbed copy of the Llibre del Coch (c. 1420) to hand just now - and I'm not going to abandon my Mac and all its toys while I search the library shelves for their copy - so I guess it's up to you stalwarts to leaf through it, or, find your alternative contender for the earliest known referece/recipe >:D

Me, I'm off 'ome to make a fiesty all i oli de codony, of whose ingredients I have an overabundance - thanks to a generous neighbour!