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Toads, Stingrays, and Mollymawks

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« on: October 31, 2009, 13:13 PM »
What do toads, sting-rays, and shearwaters all have in common? ???

They're all the subject of new articles on the Yacht Mollymawk website! ::)

Rox to the Rescue tells the tale of Roxanne's toad and frog rescue mission in Melilla, late last year.

Birdlife in the Canary Islands is an article about the species most common in the Canaries. (You think you might know which bird that is? Well, I'll bet you don't!)  :noidea:

Stingrays is Roxanne's latest contribution to the site. (Yes, it's pretty easy to guess what this one is about...)

We also have various other new articles on line, but the only one with any relevance to nature is this :  http://www.yachtmollymawk.com/2009/10/mollymawk/
(No, its not very Iberian... and it's only very tenuosly nature related, but I'm slipping it in here so that as many people as possible will see and follow the important very-nature-related link at the end of the article.)

The dot-com officer is in the proces of making sweeping changes to the site - soon you won't even recognise it - and we have orders to produce one new article per week. This is good news as it means that I can make Roxanne  (aka :roxysnail: ) do some written "schoolwork" !

Please leave your comments, suggestions, ideas, bank-transfer details, and opinions in the comment boxes under each article.

Best wishes to everybody