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birds and climate change

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« on: November 24, 2009, 09:51 AM »
ICO, the Catalan Ornithology Institute, have published a study about changes in the bird population in Catalunya. The climate of Barcelona is now like in Castellon (near Valencia) a hundred years ago, and Montpellier in France is now like Barcelona used to be.  This shift has meant some birds no longer leave Catalunya for the winter – eg. the hoopoe. Two species that are doing well are the Cetti’s warbler and Bee-eater: over the last 7 years, the former have grown by 71% and bee eater by 98%: practically doubling its population (can vouch for that).  Earlier springs and extended summers mean they have a longer breeding season.   Butterflies that have crossed the Straits, like the Monarch, are now spotted as far north as the Delta del Ebro (I'm waiting for them to reach Barcelona!)
A bird running out of cooler habitats in Catalunya is the Alpine Chough.
The study also points out that birds are adapting to climate change by moving northwards and upwards, but at a slower rate than the changes taking place. 

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