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Isle of giant rabbits

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« on: March 25, 2011, 01:58 AM »
Greetings All,
Long time, no post!
Had meant to pop in  to wish y'all Happy Spring but got side-tracked, para variar (En. anyone?).

The following article in the local press caught me beady little eye just now and provided me with the perfick cue for sticking me oar in (Simon :clapping:):
Following on from Nick's affaire with the paparrazzi some time back and assorted folk etymologies , I thought this one might be of interest: "El conejo gigante que habitó en Menorca hace 5 millones de años pesaba entre 12 y 15 kilos" (Menorcadiario)

For those of you who'd like an English-language version, here's the Yankee CBS take: "Gigantic bunnies once hopped around Minorca", whereas for those among us who prefer to get it straight from the horse's mouth (Sp. anyone?): Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology[/i] "Nuralagus rex, gen. et sp. nov., an endemic insular giant rabbit from the Neogene of Minorca (Balearic Islands, Spain)"

Looks-like-Harvey-or-someone's-been-at-the-Bristol-Cream-...-again regs., :dancing:


PS: What with Easter just around the corner, how's 'bout swapping the Santa smilies for the equivalent in bunnies... :santa_wink:
P*S: If there are any ongoing heated arguments among iberianatureforumers that I can butt in on need my attention, would appreciate a pointer :technodevil:
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