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Rivals of the Great British Breakfast

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« on: January 24, 2016, 12:06 PM »
Many of my Spanish and Catalan friends seem convinced that we Brits eat the Full-English every day - perish the thought!

But despite the awe with which they hold our national dish - alternative candidate for that honour, anyone, apart from chicken tikka masala?  :technodevil: - they seem oblivious of the irony. Take a look below at our 'local' in Tarragona to see what I mean:


Just in case:

Ox tail stew
Pig's trotters
Veal tripe
Meatballs with cuttlefish - I had that for our wedding feast!
Cod in a veggy sauce
Baby squid with brandy
Tortilla made-to-measure
Scrambled eggs with garlic shoots
Scrambled eggs with smoked salmon - Yum-yum, my favourite!
Cured herrings with fried garlic
Pork loin in marsala wine sauce
Longaniza (chunky sausage), belly pork or spicy sausage with either white beans, grilled tomatoes, chips or eggs
Black pudding made with onion or rice
Snails in sauce
Belly pork with pig's tripe
Broad beens with octopus or Catalan style, with pork belly and black puddings.

Of course one has to choose ...


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