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Cone head Mantis Empusa pennata

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Hi Nick and All,

they are often referred to as mantids

"A mantis is a predatory insect distinguished by 2 pair of legs for grasping and climbing, and a pair of claws with which it feeds. These claws are heavily serrated for holding captured prey still while it is being eaten. Mantids are one of the fastest insects in the world when it comes to snatching up prey. They are famous for catching flies and other flying prey mid-air without hesitation and with outstanding accuracy. The mantis is also one of the only insects that has a mobile head, enabling nearly a 360 degree view of its surroundings, and can detect movement up to 60 feet away. The eyes consist of a pair of large complex eyes, and 3 simple eyes on the forehead. The specific function of the simple eyes has not been fully explained, but it is thought they help detect movements of prey. Mantids are also able to feel the approach of other insects through vibratory sensors."
Information that I read at this site which is aimed at caring for them in captivity…

Next image...I have not yet found out if this creature is simply a young praying mantis (Mantis religiosa) note the pointed angle of the eyes and v shape at the top of the head.

Regards, Sue

Good stuff.

Further to my Mantis Latin-Spanish point, I don't mean the Latin term is in common parlance but that the Spanish term coincides with the Latin. So DRAE gives us:

Mantis religiosa.
Insecto de tamaño mediano, de tórax largo y antenas delgadas. Sus patas anteriores, que mantiene recogidas ante la cabeza en actitud orante, están provistas de fuertes espinas para sujetar las presas de que se alimenta. Es voraz, y común en España.

1. f. santateresa.

Hi Sue and All

Lovely praying mantis pictures Sue.

Thought you would like to see this visitor who popped his head up doing a  "Mr Chad" on our roof terrace last year. He was quite a character.



Hi again folks
Just found the photo I was really looking for. This picture was taken a few years ago when there was still some water in the Bornos lake under the bridges! He was on a piece of furniture at a roadside rubbish dump. What sort of mantis is he Sue? I do realise that the other picture is some sort of grasshopper, cricket or something!


Sorry I'm not very good at this I forgot to rotate the photo after I'd trimmed it down for the web.Hopefully this should be the right way up!  :speechless:



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