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Jurassic coast and Villaviciosa

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« on: August 05, 2007, 20:24 PM »
Hi Everybody
As I said elsewhere, I have just got back from a very pleasant weeks stay at the Buenavista campsite, Perlora, Candas in Asturias. This part of Spain is my favourite, due to its wonderful scenery, both inland and at the coast. Another great thing is that it is only 2 hours from home, so you do not spend hours getting there.
While my wife and stepdaughter plus French husband, spent there days chained to the beach, I took the opportunity to do a little solo exploring. I have always had a deep interest in prehistoric history, and so was determined to go to the MUJA (Museo de Jurassico de Aturias). I really cannot recommend it enough. The website is at http://www.museojurasico.com/ and will explain more than I can what is there. I will add that the building is stunning, in the shape of the toe of a three toed dinosaur, and it's site high on a headland surrounded by Eucalyptus forests is amazing. There is no problem for non Spanish speakers as they have audio guides in various languages, allow about an hour to hour and a half for the visit, the cost 5.30 Euros, combine this with a visit to the Jurassic coast itself with footprints to view and always the chance to discover fossils, everything is very well signposted, and the museum will supply a map of the sites. Remember though, the Jurassic coast is a museum itself, and under constant exploration by the museum at Oviedo, so take nothing away.
Perhaps summer is not the best time to explore the nature reserve at Villaviciosa, there is bird life there, but not in the quantities that there are in winter, I managed to see a two types of Egret (Cattle and Little) Heron, a possible great Northern diver (strange because it is a winter visitor)but i am not sure, as well as the inevitable Mallard and numerous different gulls among them Herring, Lesser and Great black backed, Black headed as well as others I was unable to identify. So poor by Villaviciosa, standards, by good none the less.
Finally a question
Why are the Gulls so quiet in Asturias compared with any seaside resort in The LOG, Maria has often commented on it.

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« Reply #1 on: August 05, 2007, 20:46 PM »
Greetings Dave,
Thanx for that - it's also my favourite part of the Ib. Pen. as I think I've mentioned. Went to the MUJA a couple of years back - nice. Pity 'bout eucalyptus, though - endemic problem all along the Asturian coast (actually, and don't let on to all the ecologists at iberianatureforum, I find it hard to dislike that particular tree 'cos I think any tree is better than no tree).

Have been preparing - on & off - over the last few weeks months brief gastronomy of Asturias which will hopefully be able to finish off now in summer and post on the corresponding board
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