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Lice on Griffon vulture

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« on: November 06, 2007, 15:37 PM »
This is not an insect that we are likely to come across often, Laemobothrion vulturis.

This is one of the many very fast moving lice living on the rescued Griffon vulture.

These lice which are host specific do not eat flesh, they feed on dry skin scales, feathers, and scabs of vultures and large eagles. At 1cm in length I should imagine that many of them can be quite irritating.

Regards, Sue
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« Reply #1 on: November 06, 2007, 15:41 PM »
Especially irritating when you have half a dozen crawling in your armpits from handling said injured vulture ! :)

IƱigo knows all about these guys so Hopefully he will give us a lesson on the daily life of a vulture louse

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« Reply #2 on: November 06, 2007, 16:34 PM »
Thank Darwin they're not blood-suckers  :o (Was thinking about the poor vultures as hosts, not Clive  :biggrin:)
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« Reply #3 on: November 07, 2007, 15:48 PM »
Absolutely disgusting Sue....
Not clive by the way,hes a nice chap...lol
One thing for sure..im never,ever,ever..gonna handle any Vulture we come accross.
Im not showing heather this post...if we find one that needs attention..i will volunteer her..
Nice..arnt I...lol