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Title: Wildlife Holidays in the Sierra Grazalema
Post by: parthenope on October 17, 2008, 21:45 PM
From the 20th August to 26th August my wife, son & I stayed with Clive & Sue of Wildside Holidays in the Sierra Grazalema Natural Park in the south western corner of Andalucia.
Prior to booking we were slightly nervous about the prospect of staying in a house with total strangers and booking a holiday direct over the internet, both new experiences for us. We needn’t have worried.
From the moment Clive & Sue picked us up from the Malaga Airport until they dropped us back for our return flight our hosts provided us with the most stimulating & relaxing holiday that we have ever had. Within a few short hours of leaving the airport I had seen a “lifer” dragonfly, my son had handled his first wild European Pond Terrapins, we had taken in some stunning landscapes and enjoyed the first of many tasty meals beneath the stars.
Clive & Sue orchestrated a fabulous 7 days tailored to our specific interests (photography, dragonflies, natural history in general & of course the Andalucian landscape). We didn’t have to think about anything, other than enjoying ourselves!
According to Clive & Sue they were able to judge exactly how to pace our week, and what we would be up for, during the first few hours of our arrival, quite how I’m not sure but they were spot on!
We had the whole of the first floor of Clive & Sue’s lovely house, (3 bedrooms, bathroom & roof terrace), to ourselves, but we found that we spent all of our spare time with our hosts such was the generous sense of hospitality & friendship that greeted us.
Nothing was ever too much trouble. Clive patiently backed up 11.5 Gb of photos onto over a dozen 750 Mb CDs for me when I ran out of memory cards at the end of the third day. Sue frequently answered all our questions about which species of mantis we had in front of us even though she had gone through it all the day before! Our shower developed a fault giving us a rather icy reminder of cold showers at school but Clive was on the case straight away, problem solved. They sorted out permits for some of the places we wanted to visit in advance and didn’t bat an eyelid when I had been crawling around in the river fully clothed and expected to climb back into their car afterwards!
Even when they dropped us at the airport Clive & Sue went in with us, had a farewell drink & sandwich, before eventually waving goodbye as we passed through checkout. At this point my son cried inconsolably at having to say goodbye to the brilliant new friends we had made.
Of course we would have liked to have seen more, but there just wasn’t enough hours in the day to squeeze anything else in, and that of course gives us something to dream about for the next time we visit Clive & Sue’s little bit of paradise as we surely will.  I guess there can be no higher recommendation than that.
So, if you love sunshine & clear blue skies, dramatic landscapes at every turn, getting up close & personal with nature in the raw and would like to do all this tailored to your interests by extremely friendly & knowledgeable guides I thoroughly recommend that you book a holiday on the wildside with Clive & Sue. You won’t regret it! :clapping: :clapping: :clapping: :clapping: :clapping:

These two links will give you an idea of what we got up to during our week in the Sierra Grazalema:

Details of the holidays on offer with Clive & Sue can be found here:

Title: Re: Wildlife Holidays in the Sierra Grazalema
Post by: Clive on October 23, 2008, 20:00 PM
Hi Steve, thanks for the glowing review of our humble abode and guiding..... :)

We will be actively promoting a lot more people in the Grazalema area in the future through the Grazalema Guide and of course promoting as many people as we can through Wildside Holidays...

Looking forward to seeing you and the family again so that we can talk more about setting up dragonfly and photography holidays based here at los naranjos...

Clive (and Sue)
Title: Re: Wildlife Holidays in the Sierra Grazalema
Post by: parthenope on October 23, 2008, 22:42 PM
Hi Clive & Sue,

Lynn, Adam & I are very much looking forward to making another trip to Los Naranjos in the not to distant future to sample some more of the delights of the Sierra Grazalema. It certainly would be great to set up some dragonfly/photography based holidays, count me in! 8)

Title: Re: Wildlife Holidays in the Sierra Grazalema
Post by: Jesus Contreras on November 20, 2008, 20:26 PM
How wonderful was my visit to Grazalema no more than a month ago... the only goal: "putting face to beautiful people"... and I really put it. :)

To meet Clive is to put aside that odd and old idea that english and spanish humour are different.... no,no,no... it´s the same understanding of life and science really.

To meet Sue is as being at heaven... everything is quietness and wisdom at her side.

No longer with this mail, but only to give you both a great THANKS for your hospitality and kindness.... as you know, you´ll be very welcome here to my "snowed deserts" soon, when you want it.

From the deepest side of my heart...

Your friend Jesús  (and Antonia in the distance, I copy her).