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Title: Plant sap
Post by: nick on May 06, 2009, 13:29 PM
Hi all,

I'm writing some teaching materials for Spanish children (aged 9) learning sciences through English. Basically I have to stick to the Spanish syllabuses and I have to teach the terms  salvia bruta and salvia elborada.

Wikipedia tells me that in English these are xylem sap and phloem sap respectively. These seem like an awful mouthful for kids. Does anyone know other terms which are also accepted for these types of sap? As I say, I have to include them and the terms have to exist in English.

Many thanks Nick

Title: Re: Plant sap
Post by: Clive on August 04, 2010, 17:18 PM
I agree a bit of a mouthfull but the wiki article seems to sum it up nicely... You'll have to use phonetics for the pronunciation though :) I have no idea how to pronounce either of them properly...