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The Great Iberian Shroom Identification Competition!

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« Reply #20 on: March 20, 2007, 17:22 PM »
Hello all,

Well, it's the last day of winter and I'm in a nice warm internet centre while it's snowing hard outside!

Techno, I'm sure I haven't the last word!

On to animals eating fungi: I've certainly found mushrooms full of maggots, so some kind of fly must be involved. I've also on many occasions found signs of wild boar burrowing in places where there are/were mushrooms and assumed that were after truffles as well as roots - I also caught them at it on one occasion!

This would be bourne out by tales of porcine trufflehounds. Which brings me to a point Techno raised earler which I never remembered to post: I was at the mycology fair at Isona last year (see above) and there was stall selling 'compost' impregnated with truffle spoors for home production. I can't remember the name of the firm and I've just failed to find it on Google, but I'm sure they were from Aragon and I also remember seeing an article about a resreach project in Valencia a few years ago with the same end in mind. I'll carry on looking and get back!

Happy hunting!