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Spring Quail hunting in Spain

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« on: February 07, 2008, 23:43 PM »
My attention has been drawn to a hunting website - http://www.shooting.sh/shoot_quail_span.shtml
- which apparently offers Quail hunting “in the mountains over savannah and scrub land, 365 days a year”.   It continues that the Quail arrives in Spain “from Africa in the month of April”.   It continues that they “supplement the wild stock with stocked bird’s which offers 100 birds to a gun per day usually over 3 different areas or Campos … “   And that “75 quail minimum per gun per day and normal day is a 100 quail per gun so some seriously busy shooting”.
Isn’t Quail shooting in spring illegal throughout Europe?   What is the situation in Spain?   Does the law distinguish between “wild” and “stocked” birds? 

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« Reply #1 on: February 08, 2008, 09:20 AM »
Hi John,

Something not quite right here me thinks...

I have the "Codoniz comun" Coturnix Coturnix listed as vulnerable. Present from March to October in Iberia...

Look at second picture down at this topic http://www.iberianatureforum.com/index.php/topic,89.0.html and you will see that in Andalucia at least the hunting is allowed from 21st August to 22 September for codoniz, tortola, paloma and corvids. Atleast it lets these birds get one or two broods in before they get blasted giving them a bit of a chance.

Can someone get hold of this years hunting dates for small game in Catalonia please. The Medio ambiente normally publish it. Or maybe there is a web site with the details on.. My Catalan won't do it though :)

This needs stopping because shooting birds during the breeding season is stupid as is mixing captive bred birds with wild stock. Surely there is something against this when one considers avian flu....

If we can get the legalised dates and species for this year and these hunters are organising shoots out of those times then they will be looking at a big fat fine....

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