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« on: February 08, 2008, 00:03 AM »
Can anybody give me any advice about close-up lenses for a digital SLR ? (Nikon, to be specific)

I've never used a close-up lens - in the past, my photography has always been of the scenic kind -  but Roxanne has opened my eyes to a whole world of miniature beings, and I want to get closer to them.

My Olympus mju compact enables me to get reasonably close - albeit not as close as Sue's Sony Cybershot - but the images are not SLR quality. (The light metering in a compact is simply not as good as that in an SLR.)

I don't want to get microscopically close. Just impressively close (!).

I've heard that close-up (macro) lenses are very expensive, but that one can buy "diopter" lenses and screw them onto the front of an existing lens. 'Only trouble is, I've also read that these are unsatisfactory...

Does anybody have any experience of this sort of thing?