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Birding hotels in northeast Spain

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« on: April 27, 2008, 11:41 AM »
My website has a collection of recommended rural accommodation located near the sites explained in detail in the free birding itineraries. So far this year I have used the following with groups or individuals:

Delta Hotel  (Ebro Delta)
Rincón Del Cierzo (Belchite steppes itinerary)
Monestir de les Avellanes (Montsec itinerary)
Hotel Mediodía (Aínsa to Gistaín itinerary)
Hotel la Garbinada  (Drylands of Lleida itinerary)
Montsonís - Castells de Lleida (Montsec and drylands of Lleida itineraries)

In early May I will also be taking a group of 15 to Hotel Roca Blanca in Espot (Aiguestortes East itinerary) - we stayed there last year and everything was just perfect.

My own impressions and that of the feedback I have received means that I will be using and recommending all of the above hotels in the coming years. I have only had slight hiccups with la Garbinada, basically because they were running the hotel for us and at times we had to phone the owner for him to send someone to let us in!

Some of the main features all of these have in common is their rural setting and friendliness and personal service. They are essentially family run hotels capable of delivering professional service but without forgetting how to smile and be helpful. That for me is more important than having TVs and hair dryers in the room (above all the latter as I have very little workable material available).

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