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otters - they are back!

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John in Asturias:
I am very happy.  I reported some otter sightings in my town of Arriondas, Asturias last year.  I managed to get a video and a fuzzy still.  You can find the video on youtube here

Today I walked along the river path and spotted a tail flicking up out of the water.  My first otter sighting since early September 2008.

I watched for 5 minutes and then decided to run back to the flat and grab the camera.  There was a lot of campaigning with the Mrs. to buy my 70-300mm VR lens, now it was going to pay for itself  :)

When I returned to the scene camera ready, no bl**dy otter.  However, after 10 minutes it re-appeared and I managed to get a few shots.  Sorry they are not crystal clear, its amazingly difficult to take photos of otters swimming, you never know where they will surface.  It one point it was directly underneath the bridge I was standing on but I still couldn't get a decent shot.

Anyway here there are # UPDATE - this is new link with extra photos #



P.S.  The kingifisher was a bonus shot whilst I was searching for the otter.

Hi John
The photos seem pretty good to me, well done. The Kingfisher is as you say a bonus, but a really nice bonus.

Excellent John,
Well done (I'm jealous)

Spanish Footsteps:
Nice photos John.

We have some otters in the Razon River near our home, however they are very difficult to catch a glimps of. 

The lens was well worth it in my opinion John. Patience and perseverence free though  :) And the kingfisher looks sharp! I remember trying to get a shot of the otters swimming backwards and forwards in their enclosure at Jerez zoo. Not an easy feat, even on a plate in front of me, and not helped by the time delay on the shutter release. Well done!


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