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Scalibor collars & Leishmaniasis

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« Reply #40 on: June 30, 2012, 13:45 PM »
Hi Kate

So sorry to hear you lost Blue recently, it takes time to adjust to the hole they leave behind.

Just a thought on the pain relief you have maybe there is a rescue place near by that would take them from.

Ive heard adding a garlic clove to the water can help keep the bugs away, as for feeding it I guess you would need to get powdered stuff. We used to feed it to our horses in the UK to  help keep flys away, not sure it worked though.

We have started the Leonberger pup on her leish vaccinations, so far so good and no reactions. The husky has had all of his and had no reaction either. I have also read some dogs are having reactions on the site of the injection, its a tough call at the moment, but like I say so far so good with ours.

Good luck with the behavioral therapy, I hope it works and the two dogs can get along fine.