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The Iberianature Forum "Summit" for The weekend of 30th April 2010

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« Reply #140 on: May 09, 2010, 20:13 PM »
Some lasting impressions of last weekend’s summit. 

Waking up in the camp site (safely inside a cabin, not a tent) I opened the window and listened to nightingales, hoopoes, frogs and pouring rain.  Luckily, by breakfast the sun had come out. 

Getting out of the car by the reservoir in the Sierra de Guara, having followed the instructions in Teresa’s Wild Spain and within seconds seeing Lammergeiers.  This area is a vulture zone: we later watched a couple of Lammergeiers playfully tumbling across the sky -  they were small cross-shaped silhouettes, but could imagine them perfectly after the close up in Jerez zoo two years ago. Among the quantities of Griffons, there were also Egyptian vultures.

Walking through the mountains we saw lots of Snakeshead fritillaries.

On Sunday afternoon we surveyed the flatlands of Los Monegros.  It was windy and had begun to spit with rain, and looks bleak in the photo.  But in reality, this vast space was alive with the song of countless larks, and the light rain was raising a lovely aroma from the ground.  Peering at the ground revealed an interesting array of lichens, thriving in this unusual wet year.

Other lasting impressions: the smell of bacon with TP at the controls on Sunday morning, a village with camels, nesting storks, roadsides full of poppies, kettles of vultures everywhere we went, a donkey happily grazing among the ruins of Belchite

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« Reply #141 on: May 09, 2010, 21:31 PM »
Oh. the fritillarias! Brings back the memories - of the bets I won, when somebody did not believe that I had chequered flowers in my garden!  :technodevil:

Unfortunately, I have not been able to make them grow in my Andalucian garden - yet!   :'(

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