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« on: November 08, 2009, 12:58 PM »
Blightynet is a new wiki which has just started up and which is concerned with everything about the UK.

Its description reads:

What is special about your local town? Does it have some great nature trails? Some interesting architecture? Tell us about it.
Are you interested in British nature? Have you taken some great photos? Upload them and write an article about them. People will help you with the formatting if you're not used to wikis.
Are you a local historian dying to tell the world all about the history of your area? This is the place to come!
Are you an expert on British food? Do you know some great traditional recipes? You can share them here.
What about your favourite pub or restaurant? Tell us why you like it.

It was started by some friends of mine but the site is not mine although I do edit there.  So If there is anything that you remember about the UK it could be the place to immortalise it.  It's only been going  week or so - so there is not a lot of content yet.