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limestone quarries


Hello I wonder if anyone knows where in catalunya there are any limestone quarries. i have tried searching on the internet but with no luck - I am interested in finding somewhere I can buy some stone for carving. thank you for helping   Kate

Hi Kate, interesting query,

Much of Montjuic is covered in limestone quarries, reputedly the finest in Catalonia, and that used to build the Gothic Quarter and the Sagrada Familia, but of course it's not for sale anymore.

But this search brought me up a few ideas


Hi Nick  thanks so much for this quick and useful reply. I hadn't heard of quarries at Montjuic - nor had my Catalan partner so we will look into this. And will follow up on the web sites too.  Best wishes  Kate

Gaudi insisted his Sagrada Familia be built of it, but you can't quarry a public park today...

The solution was when they expanded the industrial port some years ago all the stone from the old port (which has come from Monjuic and had laid a hundred years underwater) was given to the Sagrada Familia


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