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Guidebook for BAJO ANDARAX - Almeria

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Jesus Contreras:
Hello, as co-author of the just printed Nature Guide of Bajo Andarax (Almeria), I invite you to visit it digitally at


Also, if planning to come to our deserts and badlands, remember you have here a friendly wildlife guide to show it to you, always travelling as friends.

Kind regards

Jesus Contreras

Wow, you have been busy lately Jesús! Looks like a great guide book, and walks too.

Hi Jesús, your site has turned into the guide for Almeria. Great stuff! Wil give it a plug on iberianature

Jesus Contreras:
Many thanks for your comments, Lisa et Nick.

Sorry to be not here with you so much as wished, but indeed I am working hard actually.

At this moment am preparing 2 books: a "snorkeling life & habitats guide of Cabo de Gata" and a book about Filabres Mountains, so as coordinating some other publications.

Enjoying a lot with this and with other tasks, but have very few time for myself.

Enjoy life & enjoy nature... my friends.

Warm wishes

Jesus  :)

Finally raining in our deserts.

Alas, I wish I had this guidebook before going to Cabo de Gata this spring! Must come back! Looking forward to the snorkeling guide!  8)



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