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effects of hunting / poaching

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« on: March 07, 2007, 15:21 PM »
Greetings All,
Just came across the following interesting article (Nick's?) on badgers: http://www.iberianature.com/material/badger.htm

Posted it here (not on Badger board) 'cos it raises general issues on hunting, reserves, etc. and I'd rather not taint the Badger board with blood!

One particularily worrying snippet from it states:
An interesting piece of research on badgers was published in Conservation Biology (Feb. 2001), noting

"Reserves can threaten wildlife by attracting poachers", that "Doñana National Park is such a draw to poachers that there are fewer badgers just inside the reserve than in the area just outside it." Poachers are lured by "the abundance of fearless game (deer and wild boars) attracts poachers who also kill non-game species incidentally. This could devastate badgers and other carnivores because they require large habitats and live at low densities."

Badgers within the core area of the reserve were unaffected by poachers, and had benefited from protection.

It raises a number of questions:
1. What happens if we substitute the word Badgers for Lynx, for instance?
2. I suppose the hunting reserves keep a strict tally on what gets potted (in order to charge accordingly?). Like all (well, OK, most, many) businesses, for tax reasons, official tallies would be lower than the actual number potted, and would probably not include protected species potted accidentally on purpose.
3. If Item 2 above were correct, and not just conspiracy theory, how can one calculate the [true] number of legally potted animals as opposed to poached animals?

Don't have time for more right now, but would appreciate feedback on some of this.
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