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Is this a badger? - Solved it is a Badger

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Would I be right in thinking this is a badger that campocam has captured?

And here is a very short video that just about shows it's movement. Or are we talking Beech Marten again?

I love your capture cam!

I dont think its a badger because even in black and white you would see the badger (black and white) markings no?... I'd go for beech martin but will wait for more pictures with anticipation :)

By the way Maria, this might be of interest to you :)

I mean stone marten!!!!!

Thanks Clive, campocam is great, really enjoy having it about  :) Just asking as I have no idea really just throwing ideas about, but don't badgers only have a black and white face, the rest of their body is pretty much one colour? As the video didn't capture the face. To me it moves like a badger especially when I compare it to the previous Beech (Stone) Marten video?

Also are Beech and Stone Marten the same animal?

Thanks for the link as well, very interested in that. Will get on to it tomorrow, thank you  :)


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