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Finally, after waiting for more than 5 years: my dormouse nesting box is occupied!  :clapping:
However, the creature inside was well hidden behind twigs of the cypress tree on which the box was fixed. I did not what to disturb it if hibernating, so I cannot be sure what it is.  :noidea:
Actually, it is not asleep all the time in this warm weather: it took the food I places at the entrance the other day, but not today.

Any other small rodent nesting in trees?

Perhaps I need a simple cheap photo trap; doubt that such one exist(?)
I once tried to spread flour around a hole in the hope to see some tracks, but that did not work (perhaps the hole was not occupied).
Any other tricks?

During the prevoius years, some animal has been using the box as dining room:

Hi Petrea

I have a trail camera out in my campo, not the most expensive out there and not the cheapest. You can get them for around 50 UK pounds or 70ish euros from Amazon. I love my trail camera  :)

Battery powered, I assume? Do they comsume a lot?

Just to know for the future: I think it has disappeared!  :'(

They are battery powered. I have been using lithium (they last upto 6 months) but finding them very difficult to get hold of. A friend of mine who lives in the Rockies uses rechargeable batteries on the cameras close to her home. I shall be doing that in the future.


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