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Any ideas what this maybe?


Campocam captured this beast in the early hours of this morning. I am a bit baffled by what it is. My first thought is a Genet (I've not seen them for many months) but it looks wrong. I guess it could be just that it is skulking along rather than boldly walking. Unfortunately the direction it was moving in the video didn't have time to capture anything as it had passed by before the video kicked in.

Thoughts from anyone else?  :speechless:

Hi Maria,

I think it also be a mongoose ..... but there appear to be 'spots' ..... a genet that's lost its tail? It certainly isn't easy to ,ake out.

Hi Steve

I think I am going with Genet on this one, even thought it looks wrong. I have never captured a Mongoose since on the trail camera but I have captured plenty of Genet. It really is a difficult one as the pictures are not great and the video didn't have time to capture it.


Looks like a genet to me by the shape and spots... I guess the tail is just hidden by the camera angle?


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