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Linx news 2017 (Lynx Pardinus)

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Thought I would create a topic about 2017 news for the Iberian lynx... To start off, there is a great info sheet at El Pais (In spanish)...

"La situación del lince ibérico"

The drawings and maps are really good, a lot of info in one page :)

Good news also from Portugal with 15 cubs so far this year....

This year 15 cubs were born in the Portuguese breeding centre for the Iberian-lynx, in Silves (Algarve), five more than last year, was revealed last Tuesday.  Here you can learn about the stories behind some of the mothers of this seventh season of Iberian lynx breeding in captivity in Portugal..

I wonder if the Lynx, that made it to Granada in 2015 is still around?

Devasting fire in the area around Doñana national park has threatened the linx breeding centre near Matalascañas and with no time at all as the fire was moving so fast the people in charge decided to open the gates to the enclosures and let the captive linx out to fend for themselves. A dozen or so were captured and transported away (one is said to have died from shock) I hope that the others have survived...
info in Spanish here

Such terrible news  >:(


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