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ID Tiny black bug with yellowish spots. Solved: young Nezara viridula shieldbug

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I found a large group of these little critters  (4-5 mm) in a flower of my Campsis grandiflora (which unfortunately is very prone to the nasty aphids  :banghead:). My first thought was that they were a kind of ladybirds. Wishful thinking I believe now: the front end is quite different from the ladybirds of which I have been able to Google photos.

I still hope that they eat aphids! Is that the case (what are they)?


Having spent the last hour or so searching google images with every combination of "beetle, yellow, spots, black, etc etc etc" I have come up with absolutely nothing that resembles your bug, beettle, ladybird...... :(

Hurray, a new species!!!   ;)

(thanks for your efforts!)

It's the mid instar larva of a Shield Bug, (rather than a Beetle), though I'm not sure which species it is!
It looks a little bit like a Southern Green Shieldbug - Nezara viridula but not quite. Have a look here to see what I mean  ;)

(Scroll down to the mid instar images)

Hope that helps

Wow! the mid instar with the 4 orange spots is spot on!!!!! Well done Steve! :)


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